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Beyond the Abyss by RekPolus Beyond the Abyss :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 0 0 Res Publica by RekPolus Res Publica :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 0 0 Rek Coruscant by RekPolus Rek Coruscant :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 0 0
Schematics of Glory: IV
Chapter 4
Rek felt naked now walking without his armor on. Strange just a couple of weeks ago he had never even wore the stuff. Ader had told him that T-visor was now his face to the world, Rek now realized he didn't even need to say it, it now came natural to wear it at all times. The life of a mercenary meant that at any moment anything could happen, and usually it was something lethal that broke loose. That helmet gave security and presence to the wearer, and was more valuable an ally than any army. The only reason he didn't wear it now was this Harlon probably knew Mandalorians were tracking him, and that same presence of the T-visor would stick out like a sore thumb in a busy city like Coronet. More importantly as a native Corellian, Rek was just an average bystander going about his business that no one would suspect.
"Any change?" Ader voice came over the comlink he wore in his ear.
"Two humans went in about an hour ago, but not much else." Rek replied.
"Well, hows it feel
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The Real Rek by RekPolus The Real Rek :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 0 1
Battle on Bothawui
Darkness had just fallen over the Imperial defenses on Bothawui. A small contingent of stormtroopers, and a hired Mandalorian mercenary, Rek Polus, was all that stood between continued order or fallen chaos. Rek was recommended for his skills in combat engineering, and ability for battlefield preparation. Given the short time the Imperials had between the local uprising and battle, this was as real as reinforcements got. Better be worth every credit. The stormtrooper captain thought to himself.
"You best get your troops lined in those trenches captain." Rek said to the captain. His dark red armor made him nearly invisible in the darkness, only the silver trim gave any sign someone was there. A stark contrast to the white of the stormtroopers. The captain turned to look at him his bulbous helmet not as refined and elegant as the T-visor in front of him.
"You think their going to attack?"
"You can bet on it captain. These Bothans are masters of stealth and espionage, this is their elemen
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Rek Polus Heroic by RekPolus Rek Polus Heroic :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 13 0 Fi'lk Polus Comic by RekPolus Fi'lk Polus Comic :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 9 1 Ijaat and Rek by RekPolus Ijaat and Rek :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 7 1 Rek Comic ID by RekPolus Rek Comic ID :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 0 0
Schematics of Glory: III
Chapter III
Rek approached Nal Hutta until he was contacted by the traffic authorities or rather whoever had been bribed to let them in. The communications screen came up with an extravagant looking Ithorian who spoke in basic.
"Am I speaking with the pilot of the Star Courier Teilal?" the Ithorian asked. Rek placed his helmet on before establishing visual identification on his own end.
"This is the pilot of the Teilal, we reque..." Rek said before being cut off again by the Ithorian.
"We are transmitting landing coordinates and flight vectors to your navigation computer. Please do not deviate from this path whatsoever. You are cleared for four hours docked at this landing location, if you are not off Nal Hutta by then your ship will be seized and auctioned." the Ithorian stated coldly then immediately ceased the transmission.
"Well they seem friendly." Rek said glancing over at Ader sitting in one of the chairs.
"Nal Hutta is all business, if you don't have business y
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Schematics of Glory: II
Chapter II
Rek and Ader arrived at the Keldabe starport, and approached the droid at the registration desk.
"Is my ship fueled and ready for departure?" Ader stated to the droid. It gazed at him for a moment then pressed a few buttons on the console he was overseeing. At last he responded with a flat monotone sound, "State your registration ID, please."
"G1379, and make it fast, someones expecting us." The droid gave what passed for a nod, and turned back to his console inputting the registration ID into the system.
"Your requested query shows that your ship was fueled thirty minutes ago, you are cleared to depart when ready. Your account has been charged the amount for the fuel consumed. Thank you sir, and have a day." The droid responded obviously in need of some maintenance. Ader led the way to his landing pad with Rek, fully attired in his fathers blue armor.
"Those models have always been faulty, the only upside is their cheap enough to replace rather than fix." Rek stated
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Rek Polus by RekPolus Rek Polus :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 7 1
Schematics of Glory: I
Chapter I
Twelve years later...

Rek sat polishing the blue dome of his fathers helmet. He eyed it over as to make sure that it shined in the light and the bits undamaged were smooth as glass to the touch. The work klaxon sounded to remind everyone in the building that it was time to get back to work. For the last ten years Rek had lived on Mandalore as was his fathers wishes just before he died. Unable to finish Rek's training as a warrior, Rek was destined now for a life in the factories building war machines and equipment for the wealthy in the galaxy who wanted the best in slaughter.
"Polus! The horn means back to work, you want to play warrior do it on your own time!" a factory overseer shouted from the catwalk above. Rek couldn't afford to be fired, so he quickly stuffed his fathers helmet back in his locker, it rolled on its side and was about to fall out as the slam of the locker door slung it inside with a indelicate crash. Forgive me buir!, Rek thought to himself as he
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Schematics of Glory: Prologue
Star Wars
The Schematics of Glory

A Mandalorian Story
Wesley Wilson
Rek ran hard, pushing his way through the thick afternoon crowds of Coronet. His face still ran with tears, his eyes burned making it difficult to see where he was heading. A speeder narrowly missed him as he ran clean across a street not looking if it was safe to cross. He stopped and looked back across the street, and saw a group of CorSec still following him quickly. He ran for the nearest space-port  with all the speed his short legs could carry him.
His father was now dead, he couldn't hurt him anymore, and it was his very son, little Rek, that killed him. Barely six years old, and he had been filled with such detest and hatred for the man he called father that he had mortally stabbed him. Barely six years old, and little Rek was wanted for murder. No! He said to himself, he would not be arrested for delivering justice to an unjust world. He saw ahead a landing pad
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Dha Werda Verda
Ballador Desilijic Dessh rested his massive bulk upon a hoversled, slowly blinking bulbous orange eyes as he puffed on his hookah pipe. The bloated Hutt let the peppery narcotic flow over him before adjusting the fez perched atop his head and turned to his datapad. He had much work that required his attention and his uncle Jiliac would not be happy if his personal accountant fell behind in his duties. Numbers were his stock-in-trade.
        Ballador’s life on Nal Hutta was certainly dull by most standards, one endless stream of financial transactions after another. He doled out payments to smugglers, slavers, bounty hunters, assassins, spies, mercenaries, and all other manner of scum from throughout the galaxy’s underworld, though he never dealt personally with any of them. It was all handled electronically from his datapad. He never even needed to leave his spacious office; as a member of such a prestigious race, his meals were delive
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STARWARS Bounty Hunters_1 by Iantoy STARWARS Bounty Hunters_1 :iconiantoy:Iantoy 71 32
Wing Ding Jubilee Wheel
Buruk’s stomach growled as he sat motionless at the controls of his ship, the Bes’uliik, as it floated aimlessly through the Besh Gorgon system; the Pursuer-class enforcement ship was out of fuel, dead in space with its inertia taking it on an outbound vector. It seemed like such a simple job… he thought, staring blankly into the void through the transparisteel viewport.
        He’d been offered five thousand credits a week to work security for the Grand Casino, the most upscale and expensive hotel-resort on the Wheel. He was  a hardened mercenary, open warfare was his bread and butter, and this had looked like easy credits; spend a few weeks making sure the galaxy’s obscenely rich didn’t get into any trouble with the desperate and downtrodden, then collect his pay and get back on Kex’s trail before it even got cold. Just goes to show that I’m ori’buyce, ki
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Wesley Wilson
United States
I have loved the Mandalorians from Star Wars since the first time I watched Boba Fett walk on the scene in Empire Strikes Back. Today I am a full member in the Mandalorian Mercs, a Star Wars based costume club that attends local events, and promotes the Mandalorian look and culture where it goes.

Current Residence: Wayne, MI
Operating System: Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim
Personal Quote: "Its not perfect but neither is anything in A New Hope."
New unrelated story to any of my projects...check it out. You may like it.

Beyond the Abyss


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